b-bugs on ‘The One Show’ – Wed 14th March 7pm

Boris b-bug will feature on the The One Show BBC1 on Wednesday 14th March at 7pm.

The focus of the programme is rural transport poverty and they were interested in Talybont’s community car share scheme which is funded by the community hydro.  We explained that one problem with car clubs in rural areas is how to get from a couple of miles up a hill where you live to where the community cars are kept or how to reach the nearest bus route. We explained how part of the motivation behind the b-bugs is whether we can introduce ultra cheap, lightweight personal transport that will work for all those short run journeys and tie in with car share schemes. b-bugs use only 1kWh per 7 miles and can therefore be recharged via domestic PV panels.

Boris enjoyed the limelight anyway!

About Alison Kidd

Research Psychologist
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