some b-bug user quotes

What people like:-

“Puts a smile on your face and anyone who sees you/it smiles too.”

Going out in the b-bug was an adventure not just a journey

“loved it absolutely loved it”

“it’s much more fun than a normal car”

the b-bug turns going somewhere into an event, doesn’t it – we loved it

“that’s the most fun I’ve had in a vehicle for years”

“it’s my birthday and the experience of taking it to the café (Glasbury), people all gathered around and talked to us – it was fantastic and that experience wouldn’t have happened if we hadn’t been in the b-bug”

it gets people turning their heads

everywhere we’ve been, there’s been people flocking around having a look

it’s made our holiday

“I didn’t realise how fast it would go – I did over 40 mph”

real upside is that it’s so cool – passed a load of kids and they were saying “cool man”.

I love it. I want one

“it was easier than running a pushbike because you just take the cover off and get in and go”

“The rugged styling and environmental credentials of the b-bug make it a fabulous talking point. Meeting lots of people.”

Comparisons with driving a car:-

“you can look around the countryside ‘cos you’re only tootling along”

Being tethered to a 10 mile radius didn’t hamper our trip – it enhanced it. It honed your sights closer to the campsite. We would never have visited the Pwllglowy Arms if we were without the Buggy.

“I think this made our holiday. We would have gone to places but this made going short distances worth the trip.”

we spent less time faffing around with charging the b-bug than we would have done going to petrol stations

“we did the trip to Glasbury by car the first time, it seemed to take ages in the car. It seemed much quicker when we went later in the b-bug”

“around the backroads, it’s a much better vehicle to be in”

“it’s been a complete replacement for the car”

“I have a very stressful job and I didn’t want to be driving miles and miles whiles we were on holiday. I like to chill out and this has been ideal for us”

“I don’t think it wastes any time because you’re only going to do about 30 mph anyway”

Things they didn’t like:-

“nervous on main roads”

“Got a little fed up with holding my handbag as nowhere in the driving cabin to keep valuables.”

“downside – not knowing how much power was left”

“When raining stings on your face like hail” Windshield would be preferable to a roof”

“Could do with some kind of windshield (fly / eye incident!)”

Use model issues:-

“We knew that we had a graph of estimated mileages vs amp/charge but for the first couple of trips, while we were learning, there was still a slight fear of loss of battery power.”

“Used the voltage reading only from the Cycle Analyst and the graph – found that very accurate”

“going down the hills, I was taking my foot off but just giving it a little bit of juice and you could see the numbers going down which was nice.”

“if it got hot, we just stopped and gave it a rest!”

“Surprisingly responsive – I thought it would be sluggish to respond to the pedals”

Uses for a b-bug:-

“I got around more than I expected to … went to the PO several times .. did the shopping, took the recycling to Talgarth twice, went to see someone I needed to see”

“If I found local employment within 5/6 mile radius of home then definitely consider it for spring and Summer commute to work.”

Would also do local shopping trips. The back luggage box would be fine for smaller food trips.

Random visits to local friends.”

“good for people who like the countryside but aren’t fit”

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