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Contact us if you would like to learn more about the b-bug project or think you can help us in some way:-

Tel. 01874 665401

11 Responses to Contact us

  1. Andy Preston says:

    Hi there, I left a voice mail as well.
    My wife and I operate one of the highest ranked eco luxury places to stay in Monmouthshire c , plus we help a number of other accommodation providers via the Magical Monmouthshsire site.

    Our guests, generally arrive by car, make short journeys to restaurants, places of interest etc. We would like to look at how guests could utilise a b bug?
    thank you in advance of your reply
    kind regards
    Andy Preston

  2. Josh says:


    You are mentioned in this article:

    Please add us to your mailing list for any future press releases.

    Please Twitter or Facebook this link if possible!

  3. hi there,
    we met the other day at the mountain centre Libanus, i have a small B&B in Hay-on-Wye. I would love to rial the b-bug at some point over the summer and would be more than happy to be a charge point for b-bug users to Hay. Let me know what i have to do next, my phone number is 01497 821391,
    thanks Dawn

  4. Alison Owen says:

    Hello, I have holiday accommodation, two log cabins and a converted cidermill ( now a studio style apartment), also facilities for touring caravans and tents with electrical hitchups, I am interested in your project being located a further 4 miles on the B4567 from Erwood Station Craft Centre. I dont know whether it is feasible. Perhaps you could let me have further information as to how the system works please. Tel; 01982 551 945. Thank you, Alison Owen

  5. Jan says:

    I saw one of your vehicles at the Hay Festival.It was in the car park. It is s nice trim good looking bit of fun. How can we try one out? We need to understand them.
    We are a Motorcycle shop. We also sell Dune Buggies. Petrol power motors. This is a step in the right direction.
    Best regards Jan

  6. Leigh says:

    Hi. What a great project! I’m really interested about trialing one of these in a couple of weeks but at 6’4″ am I going to struggle to fit inside and control?

    All the best, Leigh

  7. Mike Holland says:

    What a great project to stumble upon (from Bangalore in India).
    We have a project in Bhutan, which has 100% hydroelectricity and so provides sustainble energy options, where we are looking at converting an exisitng small fleet of taxis to EV. However, your Buggy project has got me thinking about how this might be another alternative in the mountainous terrain of Bhutan – maybe just for the wealthy tourists though.
    What is the sort of capital cost you expect for this type of buggy?
    Very interesing initaitive – thanks for sharing.
    Mike Holland

  8. john says:

    Get the cars off the road and give provide your guests with an enjoyable alternative. Way to go!
    I’m the proprietor of a “modified golf buggy” rental business here in the U.S. I am located on a small resort island accessible only by sea or air, started renting buggies 3 years ago and the response from the tourists has been phenomenal. Cars stay parked, congestion is reduced and everyone is smiling.

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